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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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her e-mail server and thumb drive to the justice department as officials dig for classified data that could have been compromised on the private server. is this the end or just the very beginning? >> less than a week after trump's controversial remarks about megyn kelly. trump is offering himself as the champion for women and he's earning praise for planned parenthood. >> i thought jeb bush made a horrible mistake when he fwlu the whole situation on women's health. >> and new england patriot's quarterback tom brady appeared in federal court with nfl commissioner roger goodell appealing his suspension. things got rough as the judge grilled both sides. we start though with hillary clinton ordering her aids to turn over her private e-mail server to authorities.
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the attorney will hand over the server along with a thumb drive that contains copies of the e-mails. we are also learning that the inspector general looking into the server says two e-mails were in fact classified as top secret. clinton said this last month. >> i did not receive nor send anything that was classified. everybody is trained and everybody is very sensitive, as i was and i am. >> and just moments ago jeb bush criticized clinton's judgment in using the server as all. >> then you have hillary clinton who was the secretary of state dealing with confidential information, classified information thinking it was okay to use a private server. thinking her server would be more secure than the state department's firewalls. >> obviously this issue has been a sore subject for the clinton campaign. the move comes after months of pressure to turn the server
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over. how much could this affect a campaign that is already hurting on trust issues? >> it is a trust issue i think for hillary clinton. she has maintained that as you is just played that she never sent or received classified material on her private server. now what the inspector of state department says. really is an argument about what is classified or not. either way every time this is in the head lines voters are seeing the material and facts and assessing for themselves and it is surely having an impact in the polls on the numbers of whether they see her as trut worth. another note this is just a distraction for the clinton campaign. they came out with the big college affordability plan this week. she's been taking shots some of the gop candidates and that's
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getting lost in the shuffle. >> and obviously while clint's e-mail faces more scrutiny, jeb bush is also hitting clinton's record on iraq. take a listen. >> isis grew while the united states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the threat. ands where was the secretary of state, where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? in all of her travels she stopped by iraq exactly once. >> given that iraq has been a bit of a stumbling block for bush and obviously the former president leadsing us into war in iraq. is iraq particularly risky territory to criticize hillary clinton on in. >> what he's trying to do is re-shape the debate to be about iraq. he's placing blame squarely on obama administration and hillary clinton during her tenure as secretary of state for withdrawing from iraq and thus leading a void that led to the
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rise of isis. the problem with that is every time he talks about iraq, he's not talking about the beginning of the war that was so involved with his brother but he's talking about the end of the conflict, not the beginning. i think a lot of voters see the name bush and iraq next to each oesh and that comes to mind. >> thank you kerry. now to donald trump's post campaign event where he wasn't pulling any punches but in fact going after his rivals, republicans and democrats alike. jeb bush, listen to what he had so a. >> jeb bush or whatever. all talk no action. we need energy. we need tone. you know, tone. now it's rand paul. can you believe it? he's the new one. i said rand, i've had you up to here. i've had you. lindsey graham is at zero. literally, i saw it on television. zero.
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these stiff, these politicians, they are stiffs. >> if voters want specifics about what a president trump would do in office they are really out of luck for now it seems. trump for now telling the "new york times" after that event that if you are a dealer as he called himself quote, you don't go in with plans. you go with a certain flex skpblt you sort of wheel and deal. and covering the trump campaign and joining us now, a lot of interesting comments yesterday jane. are trump supporters clambering for substance right now or are they just happy with what they're getting. >> they're not. they county want to read a policy proposal. they want to see as you saw him to say i'm a man of action. they are not really interested in what his proposals are. because right now he represents success to them. this is a very wealthy man and represents winning and dominates the polls. the minute he stops that they might want to know but for now
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it is about the bombast and personality. >> i want to put the latest poll up to take a look at. it still has donald trump on top. i guess the question is there is no reason to mess with success for him, right? >> right now, no. but he really needs to look behind him. you see, you know, kasich coming up in the new hampshire poll. and you see scott walker tying with him in certain credentials in iowa that came out this week. and those are tight behind him. so he needs to make sure and be careful if he's going to maintain this success and the lead that is his entire brand. he needs to make sure they can't get on top of him. >> thank you for that. i want to bring in the political panel now. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and ron christie. thank you both very much for
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joining us. writing of the discussion around the secretary's e-mail server, this kind of non sense comes with the territory of running for president. can this e-mail be dismissed as nonsense. >> not in the minds of the american voter it. certainly has hurt hilly on the question of trust. the good news is it is five months before iowa and a good 12 months before we elect the next president. this too will pass. and i think if only two e-mails out of 55,000 are classified, i think that is a pretty good batting average. i don't think there will be any permanent damage come november of '16. i don't think people are going to go to the polls thinking i'm not going to vote for hillary because of e-mails. but i do think the time for all of this is propitious for the
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clinton campaign. and benghazi has been investigates three times by three separate congressional committees and found no wrong doing. i think secretary clinton will testify before our correct me if i'm wrongal committee some time in the fall and she'll do a great job and benghazi will be buried as well. >> you heard the governor talking about these issues keep coming up and being buried, quote uncloet. there the republicans over playing their hand? we're hearing republican leadership talk consistently about the e-mail server. is that going to decide election? >> i think it could. and after having served four years in the white house one of the first things you do when you get security clearance is you sit down with officials for an hour and give you a briefing and talk about the importance on keeping information on a server that is not public. and i think secretary clinton is she had the server for convenience or only had one device. these aren't republicans.
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this is what what she did and what she took and did it put american national security at risk and that is the question we're going to find out. >> that is new cnn poll that's come out from iowa. it has trump leading at 22%. it seems trump's strategy has been far as criticizing more of his competitors than talking about substance. why do you think that is resonating so well if he's not talking about substance, if he's not talking about specific policies as he said as opposed to the art of dealing and coming in with that specific plan. >> because i think voters are frustrated with what's been going on in washington. and anyone who bears the label politician is suffering. you see donald trump creating that, touching that nerve in the republican primaries and bernie sanders touching that nerve in the democratic primary. so there is a significant number of people who are just fed up with washington.
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and any outsider who is going to come in and say i'm going to be different, i'm not a politician, i'm not going to make money, they are going to resonate with that electorate. but the problem for donald trump is, in a 17 candidate field, he can lead. but when that field starts to willow and it will even before you get to iowa. when it starts to winnow or six or four or five. 22% isn't going cut it. so that is his biggest challenge. as long as it's 17 candidates i think he'll be in a good position. but unless he can broaden his appeal to voters, he doesn't seem to have the growth potential to go beyond that. >> you were shaking your head. and the one thing that we've consistently seen from donald trump is what he's promoting as, quote, his flexibility, not getting specific on policies. how long do you think that is going to last? when is he going to have to come out with specifics about some of
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these pressing issues? >> i think my friend ed rendell is exactly right. with a big field right now he can go out there and say i'm angry as held and we get to get past washington. past labor day i they voters are going to be looking for substance. the john kasichs, the scott walkers, these are the folks that are going to have very specific, very detailed plans. and if trump doesn't have anything more of substance rather than his populism, i think his numbers are going to fall. >> that seems to be resonating. and let me tell you about rand paul. he has new ad and going after donald trump. take look at this. >> if you go back it just seems that the economy does better under the democrats. >> healthcare. >> liberal and healthcare. we have to talk care of people. >> rand paul is using donald trump's own past against him. do you think that his past
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positions will be what ultima ultimately brings donald down? >> no i think what will bring donald down is his personality and his refusal to treat seriously, as ron said, to put some meat on the bones about positions that are important to the american people. you can just go so far on personality. as far as supporting democrats, this was inevitable that someone was going to do it or all of them were going to do it. he gave money to hillary clinton, he did this, he did that. but he's been through that all. he said i do it because it is business. i support it because it is business. and to say i'm liberal on healthcare, that -- you know, it is tough to put that in a box. so i don't know how much that will hurt him. i think people, his pro choice statements in the past. i thought he handled that pretty well in the debate when he said ronald reagan evolved and he did
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evolve on a whole slew of issues. so i think he handled that pretty well. i don't think think there will bring him down but rand paul is probably going to register a little bump in the polls but in the end i don't think that's what will bring donald down. >> governor and ron thank you both for joining us with this insight and analysis. straight ahead. what happened inside the federal court between tom brady and roger goodell. we were inside and we're going to have a live report for you. also does the gop have a donald trump problem when it comes to the women's issues. while they are praising donald trump. yes they are. >> and also, it is being called the biggest shark ever filmed. meet the great white named deep blue. please stay with us. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day.
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the united states flew its first manned air strikes from turkey today. these were the first manned strike missions from the air base. the u.s. began unmanned missions earlier this month. joining me now is nbc news correspondent jim mcla krzyzewski. could it be a deepening in the conflict. >> it could be except the u.s. is already launching air strikes inside syria. i think it signals more a de deepening of turkey's involvement inside syria. after all the just from the very beginning of this war against isis a year ago now has been
1:18 pm
pleading with the turkey to allow them to station their u.s. war planes there because it put those planes only minutes away from the targets. they save time. they save fuel. the air strikes can be far more effective and reactive. in this case it was a pre determined target. it was not any kind of combat cover for any kind of syrian, free syrian forces there on the ground. it was some kind of isis installation that was struck. but this does signal in fact the first time, i think, it signals the first time that the u.s. and turkey are in complete cooperation, an objective of taking out isis targets. turkey, as, you know, however is just as concerned with the presence of kurds near their border. they have launched air strikes against the pkk there in turkey. the fear there is if the kurds get too close they will
1:19 pm
establish a firm foothold in that portion of syria and that quite frankly is the last thing turkey wants as you know. in recent days and weeks a handful of countries with vastly different interests in inside syria have been meeting to solve the matter diplomatically before it delves into to further chaos. in recent months, the death toll from the syria civil war now at 240,000 people. the war has created the worst refugee crisis since world war ii with more than 11 million displaced from their homes. we're going delve into that now with former u.s. ambassador to syria and senior fellow at the mideast institute mr. robert
1:20 pm
ford. thank you for joining us. let's talk these diplomatic initiatives. russia and saudi arabia could not be further it apart in thermos of their interests in the country. are you surprised these two engaged in talks to end the war there. >> >> i'm not surprised because both are concerned about what's happening but they have vastly different perceptions of what's happening and why. they had a joint press conference, the russian foreign minister lavrov with the saudi foreign minister. and apparently lavrov mumbled into the microphone at one point and he mumbled morons. so they are still pretty far apart. >> the u.s. as maintained that assad must go? do you think that could change given the situation on the ground? what might a diplomatic solution look like in syria?
1:21 pm
>> well there is a lot of diplomatic frequent flyer mileage being wrakd up. but the various countries are still far apart. iran and russia still support basher al assad. they are not pushing to have him removed any time soon while turkey and saudi arabia and the syrian rebels on the ground insist that basher al assad be removed. and the changes, there are four secret police agencies in syria that have killed thousands of people as well. so there are a lot of work to be done to couple with some national unity government and there is certainly no deal in the offing next we're or next month. >> you said you left your post because you could quote, no longer defend the obama syria policy. what you do make of the policy there, particularly the arming
1:22 pm
of syrian rebels. >> the current policy is the correspondent from the pentagon was just reporting we're doing air raids in syria. we've been doing them a year. who knows how long. we're going to be doing them for as far out as the eye can see. the american intelligence community, sources told associated press last week, the islamic state is not getting weaker in syria. so who knows how long this american air campaign is going to be going. and in the meantime the americans keep talking about wanting a political solution but they do nothing to help make a political solution come apart. the only reason you and i are talking about diplomatic openings is because countries like turkey and saudi arabia have increased weapons supplies to the syrian rebels on the ground, which has weakened assad, as you noted. his forces are now losing. >> right. >> so suddenly not the united states but turkey and saudi arabia have acted to give us an opening. the americans have had nothing to do with it. >> and ambassador, let me ask
1:23 pm
you quickly about the train and equip efforts we all know and see has been in tatters. any kind of buffer zone would require working with some groups that might not even be vetted to u.s. standards. so should the u.s. turn in that direction and work with, say, groups like -- who have made overtures to working with the u.s. could groups like that be part of a ground effort? >> i think in the end turkey is going to make its own. turkey and arar e sham. they are conservative islamists, but they are not jihadis. the turks are going to work to clear that zone of the islamic state. they are killing islamic state in that zone. they won't get american support. the only ones the americans help are the kurds. but the kurds won't go down into
1:24 pm
the heartland. and so far the americans haven't wanted to touch them. the americans keep saying if we're going to help you have to agree not to fight assad. and so far we've only had a couple of dozen syrian fighters who said okay. that is the problem with the american program. >> a very complex situation. no end in sight. ambassador, thank you for joining us. coming up f, what happened inside that federal court between tom brady and roger goodell. and donald trump said bush already had his moment. n cause the photos look amazing? but you get there and find out it's far from amazing. it's almost like it was too good to be true. that's like when you switch wireless carriers, and find yourself stranded with a frustrating, less reliable connection.
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liar, liar. >> boo. >> the liar has arrived. don't settle tom.
1:28 pm
don't settle. >> interesting comment s there from those folks outside the courthouse. they were in manhattan federal court today. at issue, whether the nfl was justified in suspending the star quarterback for the first four games of the regular season after its own independent investigation concluded it was, quote, more probable than not that patriots personnel deliberately deflated footballs and that the star quarterback was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities during last year's afc championship game against the colts. that is a charge brady continues to deny. joining me now, set the scene for us. what was it like inside the courtroom? how did tom like in the court and are we any closer to settlement outside the court? >> inside tom brady was stoic you might say. he didn't smile.
1:29 pm
there was one moment where he might have given a little bit of a grin. but even if there was a moment where there was some comic remark made by the judge tom brady didn't present much reaction to it in the waif of smiling. he's taking this very seriously. roger goodell, i didn't see much of any smiles from him either in the course of the hour and a half that they actually spent in open courtroom. much of the time they have been inside this building the two parties have spent inside the judge's chambers separately. at times it would be the representatives of the nfl. and at the other times it was tom brady and the representatives of the players union would go inside the judge's chambers. he's been saying to these two sides, break the impasse. reach a settlement and he's having these settlement conferences in his chambers trying to get him to do that. >> thank you very much. coming up president obama's letter defending the voting rights act today and black lives
1:30 pm
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don't fight your instincts. with each each for 150 calories or less try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars, and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one. welcome back everyone. democratic presidential candidates are finding themselves the focus of the black lives matter movement. yesterday hillary clinton held a private meeting with black lives matter activists in new hampshire. the protesters planned to disrupt a public rally clinton was holding but arrived too late to get past security. the meeting comes after the group built momentum one year after ferguson, missouri. the group shut down a bernie sanders campaign. joining me now is one of the activist whose met with hillary clinton yesterday. thank you very much for joining us. let's start off with why you decided to go to this particular
1:34 pm
hillary clinton rally. >> this event was a community forum on substance abuse. and we recognized that hillary clinton and her family occupy unique space in regards to the war on drugs and their involvement in advocating for policies that have been incredibly destructive to black communities. so we wanted to hold her accountable to that history. >> you talk about some of those policies. when you met with clinton you said she acknowledged there were policies she promoted that haven't work. did she mention perhaps doing anything different this time around if she comes into office? >> no. and that was kind of what we were looking for. we were looking to hear a clear change. there was an acknowledgment some of the policies hadn't work but what we were looking for was about how she felt about her involvement and how she had moved on the issues. >> i take it then you weren't
1:35 pm
satisfied with her answers, right. >> >> no we were looking to hear a clear path of her family's involvement over the years in the destructive and antiblack policies regarding drugs in this country. >> you are trying to bring the attention to candidates but the movement has also received criticism for the way it's targeting democratic candidates in particular. ben cohen wrote the movement was put in danger by activists who believe publicly harassing a politician who literally spent his entire life fighting economic, racial and social inequality in america was an effective way to put their agenda on the map. >> i think power map is a long-standing tactic using community organizing. similar to lobbying, where folks target the people who are actually closer to their side or closer to where they would want to see them on the issue in
1:36 pm
order to make clear their stance. and then to be oiable to hold tm accountable to it. so that is what's what happening here in targeting democratic candidates and that is what we saw in seattle and that is what we saw yesterday. >> thank you very much for that. we appreciate you joining us. we have breaking news weed like to report now. former president jimmy carter has revealed that he has cancer in a statement released this afternoon. carter said a recent liver surgery showed he has cancer in other parts of his body. he's expected to undergo treatment at emory university in atlanta. jimmy carter is 90 years old. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software.
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1:40 pm
body. he's expected to undergo treatment at emory in atlanta. jimmy carter is 90 years old. and we'll have more information certainly as it comes available. now to president obama's powerful lateretter. the "new york times" published his effort on efforts to land the voting rights act. highlighting 94-year-old rosanelle eaten. he's suing to undo voter id restrictions in her state that bar her from voting because she doesn't have a driver's license. as the president writes quote, i am where i am only because people like her refuse to accept anything less than equality. it is up to us to restore those
1:41 pm
rights. joining me now katherine, thank you for joining us. we'll get to her story in a moment but what do you think of the president's letter that came out today. >> i think it's f ee's fabulous. we're very grateful for that later. and we're very proud of elizabeth. and there is a renaissance or a new war on voting that we need to fight back 50 years later. we're very grateful for the letter because it shows the president supports the restoration of the voting rights act. she wouldn't need to be going to court if the voting rights act hadn't been gutted by the court a few years ago. so we need to restore it. >> why at 94 is she suddenly unable to vote in north carolina.
1:42 pm
>> she was actually born in a time where it was difficult for african americans to get birth certificates. she was able to get one but the name on her birth certificate doesn't match the name she registered to vote with. and also she's 90 so she no l g longer drives and doesn't have an up to date driver's license as an id. and 70% of african americans use early voting. she herself uses early voting and they have put through a number of cuts that would impact her right to vote and impact in her own community and get out voters and serve in our democracy as she has all of her life. >> katherine, thank you for that insight. donald trump is causing a stir with comments this time on planned parenthood. a week ago he joined candidates in calling if are a shutdown over planned parenthood funding. now he's reversing course.
1:43 pm
telling while he opposes abortion, planned parenthood has helped a lot of women. >> i thought jeb bush made a horrible mistake when he blew the whole situation on women's health. what he said was just e unbelievable. essentially he's saying i'm not going fund it. i think that will go down as his 47%. the 47% to romney. will probably cost him the election. >> in the same interview he also called out rival jeb bush for comments he made last week. comments he said have doomed his candidacy. >> two planned parenthoods in a way. you have it as an abortion clinic. now that is actually a fairly small part of what they do, but it is a brutal part and i'm totally against it. they also however service women. we have to help women. a lot of women are helped. so we have to look at the positives also for planned parenthood. >> joining me now is kate packer
1:44 pm
ga gauge, mitt romney's 2012 campaign. >> sometimes i have a hard time following any of konld trump's logic. i think the comments were a challenge for governor bush. and he very quickly classified his comments on that particular subject. i think it remains to be seen whether or not there are long-lasting effects on that. but i think that donald trump's comments on women's health are far more confusing than jeb bush's were. >> let me play more sound of donald yesterday in michigan, where he talks about that. >> i will be great on women's health issues. i cherish women. and i will be great on women's health issues, believe me. >> so trump was criticized for his megyn kelly comments but isn't his more nuanced position on planned parenthood more
1:45 pm
attractive to women than most of the other 2016 gop candidates? >> i have no idea what donald trump's position is on planned parenthood because it changes day to day. and he constantly says "trust me." just trust me. he doesn't give any back up for any comments. he doesn't provide solutions. least like the crazy uncle at thanksgiving din they are just spouts off on what he hears but doesn't waactuate a plant. >> does it make planned parenthood an ib for 2016 when the latest poll say that 45% of americans have a positive view of planned parenthood. while 35% have a negative view. does that make sense to go after them is this. >> i don't think we know the answer yet. there is probably another shoe to drop. the videos are dropping about a video a week. and we don't really know the
1:46 pm
view about planned parenthood this time a year from now. right now they enjoy some high favorables. but some of the things coming out in the these videos are really quite damning and as that gets into the water table it might affect how we view that. so i don't think we really know the answer to that question today. >> let me get your final thoughts on this and donald trump told the chicago sun times today he would consider a female running mate. having a female as a running meat is certainly a good consideration. a very good consideration. it would be something i would strongly consider. let me put that to you. and get your reaction. do you think he's serious about that? >> sure i would hope any of our potential nominees would consider whoever is the most qualified and effective candidate that can be a great messenger for our party. and there are lots of women that would fall into that category. i'm certainly happy to see that donald hasn't ruled that out. although i don't believe he's
1:47 pm
going to be our nominee. so probably not an issue. >> what does the republican part have to do, regardless of who the candidate is, what do they have to do to appeal to women's votes across the country? is there anything in particular they need to really hone in on? >> well i think first of all, you know, it is frayfair to loo on both sides, the democrats have a real deficit when it comes to men. so both sides i think are dwoirng to going to be looking in 2016 how they can appeal to the opposite gender and, you know, see how they can improve their numbers. we don't have to win women to win the election but we can't lose them by double digits as we have historically when we've lost national. so there is a lot we need to do and i think tone is a really important thing and i think the tone of trump is not helpful to ours cause. >> we'll have to leave it at that. thank you very much. back to the breaking news we've been reporting and that is
1:48 pm
about the health of former president jimmy carter. he has revealed he has cancer in a statement released this afternoon. the 39th president said a recent liver surgery showed he has cancers in other parts of his body. quote, recent liver surgery revealed i have cans that is now in other parts of my body. i'll be rearranging my schedule as necessary so i can undergo treatment by physicians at emory healthcare. a more complete public statement will be made when facts are known possibly next week. at 90 he's the second oldest living president behind george h.w. bush. the former president recently released a new autobiography entitled "a full life." joining me is communications director for president carter. thank you for joining us on short notice. let me get your reaction to this sad news. >> well, i don't know anything
1:49 pm
more than you do. i do know that he had an operation about a week ago for a tumor in his liver and they got it out successfully. and now we hear that it is cancer. all i can say is cancer is in for a big fight. because if anybody can beat cancer, i would take -- i would bet on jimmy carter. and he will take it as a challenge. and i have every expectation that he'll win this one. >> and sir, can you tell us when was the last time you had a chance to speak to the former president? >> well i was with him just a few weeks ago out in vail when they had a carter weekend for the carter center. and we presented our play of camp david there and the president was in great spirits. and just active as can be. never stops. >> and did he indicate anything
1:50 pm
at all about his health at the time that you were with him? >> not at all. it was before -- this was about a month ago. so it was after that that he had the -- they discovered the tumor. and i and they got that out okay. but i don't know anything more about the cancer except what i heard on -- i saw on television just a few minutes ago. on msnbc. >> the former president has been celebrated and widely praised as one of the most active former presidents that this country has ever known. his work around the world is constantly applauded. how important is he personally to the activities of the carter center? he's still very much involved in the carter center day-to-day operations and what would a setback like this mean for all of his work around the world? >> i think that he -- i don't think there would be too many setbacks.
1:51 pm
he's going to rearrange his schedule some. but you can't keep jimmy carter in a bed or keep him from being active. but having said that i know that a lot of -- this carter center is not just jimmy carter. he's built an infrastructure that will be able to pick up all of the programs. >> all right, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. joining me now is nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing. thank you for joining us. i was wondering there would be any reaction from the white house about this news. >> well, the news just came out and we have reached out to the white house to see if they are going to come out with any statement. we have not heard back from them yet. but obviously the club of former presidents and living presidents is a very small club. they do all know each other.
1:52 pm
and some of the humanitarian work you were talking about just a few moments ago is something as you've stated widely admired. this is somebody who logs thousands of miles a year. i've met him, i've spoken to him. i've interviewed him. he is someone who has seemingly boundless reserves of energy to travel those thousands of miles a year for the various projects, many of them for the carter foundation. and he does it on a couple of artificial knees. he's had health scares before. i remember this past spring, i think he was in guyana and flew back early because he was suffering from what he said was a pretty severe cold. and what we know and you may have reported is he is going to undergo treatment in emory healthcare center in georgia and
1:53 pm
he is someone who's always been very public about these issues in his life. he's never been very private about them. so i'm sure as there is more information we'll make it available and of course we'll let folks at msnbc know if we hear anything here. >> we know he had a liver operation back on august 3rd and certainly our thoughts are prayers are with him. he's still very active and promoting his book a "full life" and speaks not only to current presidents and former presidents but also very much involved in discussing the policies the country is under taking. something like this a setback undoubtedly but how much do you think this would affect his public life at this point and particularly in the middle of a very heated primary season on both parties. >> i think obviously that is a
1:54 pm
question in many ways for his doctors to answer. i can tell you that two things strike you if you are a reporter who has had the chance to sit down with jimmy carter. one is i say his seemingly boundless reserve of energy. he seems to me to be someone who as long as is physically able is going to be out there doing things and trying to be a part of the conversation. wasn't of the conversations they had with him was at a time when we sat down with a number of nobel peace prize winners including mikael gorbachev and others. f.w. declerk. sitting down with the four of them and talking about world peace. he keeps in touch with world leaders from his era, the current era. somebody obviously who is determined that he's going to do that as long as he possibly can.
1:55 pm
and somebody who frankly has a very positive point of view with those kind of things. when you talk to him, somebody again who's had the different kind of health issues before. it is not something he wants to dwell on. it is something me wants to take care of in a matter of fact manner. but our r as you say our thoughts and prayers are with him but he is not someone who will let anyone if he possibly can to keep him from what he wants to do. >> he's still warmly received in gaza. he cad come to --. he was doing it in the capacity of a former president but also as an independent citizen but it was incredible to see him weather the risks and the
1:56 pm
dangers of going to the gaza strip as the former u.s. president. chris jansen, thanks very much. we'll are more of break you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. . let's recap the breaking news that we've learned this hour. former president jimmy carter has revealed he has cancer in a statement released this afternoon, the 39th president said a recent liver surgery showed that he has cancer in other parts of his body. recent surgery revealed that i have cancer that now is in other parts of my body. i'll be rearranging my schedule as necessary. a more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week. at 90 years old carter is the second oldest living president behind george h.w. bush. he is expected to go undergo surgery at emory hospital in
2:00 pm
atlanta. last month he released a new autobiography, "a full life, reflections at 90." i'm michael eric dyson. tonight, serve trouble. hillary clinton agrees to hand over her private server to the fbi. and the inspector general says at least two e-mails contain top secret information. and a new poll surged. and deflategate heads to court. tom brady goes before a federal judge to try and force the nfl to overturn his four-game suspension. but first, hillary clinton will surrender her server. agreed to hand it over to the justice department after weeks of inqui in security concerns. two e-mails have now been classified as top secret on her private account. nbc's andrea mitchell has


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